Pump Cavitation on any pump.

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by WorthFlorida, Sep 18, 2021.

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    I tripped across this website from a weather site ad with an excellent explanation on pump cavitation. Where I worked there was a 3HP irrigation pump that always had this issue. The solution was to restrict the 2" out flow pipe with a ball valve partially closed. You will hear it on pool pumps especially when it it is self priming on start up. At first you think the pump is ready to blow apart then it smooths out. This article shows examples of commercial pumps applications but the noise is similar to any pump.

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    Working with cooling tower ,hot and chilled water pumps that are made of cast iron with brass impellers have seen more tower pumps destroyed. Main reason in the article lower that net positive suction pressure required. When mechanical engineers and architects have a disagreement with how a tower looks, with the tower being to tall and it gets lowered. Process hot water 200*f system pressure drops to low suction of pump creates a negative pressure in the volute water flashes to steam causes the same destruction.
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