Proper Way To Level Sterling Accord Shower In Mobile Home

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    Hey Guys. I'm redoing the bath in my weekend mobile home and hit a snag. I dry fit a 60” 4 piece Sterling Accord shower this weekend and the back wall is about 1 1/2" out from the studs at the top. It looks like the floor has a major drop from back to front. So the question is what is the best way to level this thing?

    I've read about the mortar/thinset/sandmix in piles and it would certainly do it but I'm a bit concerned about the front lower edge of the shower not being directly supported. The plan is to install a set of bypass doors and I would think they would need to be properly supported by that front edge. DO you think this is a real problem??

    The second thought I had was to build a small platform to set the shower stall on. Just rip some strips/wedges with the proper angle front to back maybe 2” high then cover with ¾” plywood. Then set the shower on that. The only additional work would be tiling the front edge .

    Of course the real problem is the mobile home itself. Nothing is square,,, probably never was. No rot or sag in the bathroom that I can see, it’s just everything is just off a bit.

    So what’s your favorite way to raise the outside edge of a Vikrell Shower pan??

    Many Thanks!


    Before demo


    Almost ready,,,, drywall still needs to come off. How do you like that wall paper???

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