Problems with pump -38F last night

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  1. MaryBC

    MaryBC New Member

    Jan 17, 2009
    Everything has been working fine with the pump from the well which is about 50 feet across the yard under about three feet of snow.

    This morning what happened (and am not sure if this is all connected), the power in one corner of the kitchen where the pump is located went off. Maybe I overloaded the system as had the microwave on, the toaster oven and a small electric fire hoping to keep the pipes warm under the sink.

    Anyway, I manged with help from the electricity department over the phone to get the lights working there (two) and everything else, except the well pump. The pressure has gone right down and is not working.

    What I am worried about, while waiting for the plumber to arrive sometime is that the boiler in the basement will stop working. Or is that connected to something else in a house? The one under the sink in the kitchen is small, the one in the basement is large and connected to a furnace. Should I be doing anything while I wait for the plumber.

    Would much appreciate help in answering my questions :confused: and thanks very much.


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  2. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Aug 31, 2004
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    If you had an electrical fire, what was burned?

    Is the circuit breaker for the well pump on or tripped?

    If tripped, you don't want to turn it on until you're prepared to put out another fire or you know that the fire was from combustion caused by the heat you applied to keep things from freezing; like burned insulation or wood etc.. That wouldn't be an electrical fire, that means shorted wires got hot and then burned something like insulation or wood etc..

    Looking at the picture, I can't see anything burned at the pressure switch etc..

    BTW, usually a plumber isn't a good choice for pump work unless he is capable and willing to pull a pump out of the well. A pump guy or well driller is a much better choice.

    If your heating system works when you turn up the thermostat and the boiler fires up, the system is working.
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  4. WV Hillbilly

    WV Hillbilly New Member

    Aug 1, 2008
    What was the problem the power co. helped you fix ? Tripped breaker , blown fuse ? The pump in the basement is likely on a different electrical circuit so if it's working now it will probably continue to work . Is the pump in your picture the one in the kitchen or the one in the basement ?

    I believe from what was said that an electric heater was being used & there was no fire . Probably tripped a breaker or blew a fuse .
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  5. MaryBC

    MaryBC New Member

    Jan 17, 2009
    Thanks for the help.

    It wasn't an electrical fire, simply that the pipes had frozen. A hair dryer thawed them out. Could hear the ice moving. Minus 38F must have done it. Have tried to keep the whole region warm, but is very difficult. All is working now, and hope it will continue to do so. Have a small electric heater going when someone is present to keep the area of the tank warm.

    The pic was under the sink.

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