Priming point in suction line for shallow well?

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    Hello all,

    I have searched for other threads and read quite a few of them but I can't seem to pinpoint where I am going wrong here. I've never had something cause so much frustration is this well...

    Have a shallow well with water table about 8 feet down and the well is like 42 feet I believe. I have a new dayton 1.5 hp jet pump and tank im trying to eventually tie into an irrigation system and I just replaced all the pvc from the well head to the pump which is about a 30' horizontal run Plus a few 90's. The previous system would not take water to prime so I had to cycle the pump for LONG time and eventually it would prime itself but always lost prime after a while. Figured there was a sag or pipe keeping water from entering the 30' horizontal run hence why i just replace the entire suction line.

    Now, i made sure water flowed from pump end of the suction line all the way to a check valve at the well head 30 feet away before I connected the pump. Now with the pump connected I still cant get the line filled with water. The housing fills up and doesn't take any more water. Where when I poured water into the priming port on the pump before it was connected, water came right out the suction end which would seemingly flow right into the suction line.

    The only other thing I can think of is adding a T in the suction line with a threaded cap to fill up the line, b/c I dont want to cycle this expensive pump for a self prime. Is this normal, will it function correctly with a T in the suction line? Any other insight is welcome, i can get pics as well if need be.

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    All fittings, plugs and connections is a suction line are potential problems. I wouldn't put a "T" in the suction line. Just fill the pump with water, leave the priming pump loose enough to expel the air. Ocasionally turn the pump off and refill with water and repeat the process again. After several tries it should prime unless there's a leak in the suction line somewhere.
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