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    I have an older home that has a Price Pfister (M/N 3226) diverter valve on my tub to direct the water between the shower & spout. The valve was not sealing properly when in shower mode and water was leaking out the spout.

    Upon inspection and as expected, the diverter washer was shot. I picked up a Danco stem repair kit (M/N 124166) from Home Depot that included a diverter washer (I couldn't find the washer separate from the kit) and replaced all the software on the stem. Unfortunately, when I reassembled the valve it leaked out the spout as badly as ever, maybe even worse than before the repair.

    I disassembled it again re-inspected the body of the valve closely to make sure there wasn't anything in there (like pieces of the old diverter washer) that might be keeping the bonnet from seating fully. I also made sure I had the stem backed out during reassembly so it wasn't hitting the seat and preventing the bonnet from seating. I looked at the bonnet washer (which I had replaced) and it was dented, so I believe I was seating the bonnet in the valve body fairly well, but saw no signs on the diverter washer that it was mating up with the body. It looked like the diverter washer was too thin.

    I was afraid to put two whole diverter washers on as that may have prevent the bonnet washer from seating properly, and I didn't want it leaking down into my wall. So, to thicken it, I traced the diverter washer onto some auto gasket material and cut out a thin gasket the same size as the diverter washer. I installed both my make-shift washer along with the diverter washer and the valve seems to work well now.

    Does anyone know if P-P used different diverter washers, with different thicknesses, on their diverter valve models? If so, is there a way to figure out which diverter washer to use for a particular valve? Also, is there a good source for the diverter washers outside purchasing a whole kit?

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