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    May 2, 2020

    Really need some plumbing insight here!

    I got a friend renting in one of apartments building in Ontario canada.

    For some legit reasons protected under ontario human right code, they won't be able to use public laundry provided by the building. They bought a portable washer, it is 5.5 kg 12 lbs 1.7 cb ft (power: 285 W-325W), fully automatic one. LL denied her request having a portable washer in the unit with reason that it would create "flood, water back up in other units, hot water shortage, and overloading of electrical circuitry....". and they stressed that according to ontario building code, the unit is not built to have washer inside.

    My Q is that since portable washing machine is widely used by people living in apartments and i cannot find any special plumbing requirement for the usage. I did check ontario building code, the washer plumbing requirement for washer: Hydraulic Load, fixture units: 1 ½ with 2 in. trap. I am not sure if this applies to portable washer, which is designed for people to use without specific plumbing set up, is less powerful and with less load capacity.

    In addition, from what i can seen on the internet, most of the flooding caused by portable washer is due to loosen hose, and it is not related to plumbing.

    Can someone provide advice on this?

    I wants to focus on the technical side of the usage, not lease terms/ water bill...etc.

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