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    I am upgrading a cabin my father built that originally was built with no water. It sits on a 4 acre spring fed lake. In the past cows used the lake for a water source, but for the time being that is not the case. I have soo many questions:

    1) I am not thinking that I will get drinking quality water out of this lake, expecially since I intend to have some cows that will use the lake. But, perhaps I am overlooking something here. Should I automatically rule out the lake water for drinking purposes?

    2) I am planning on pumping the water 90 meters about 15 meters uphill. What pump (s), and configuration of tank and lines is going to work best?

    3) I also need to learn about filtration both at the intake in the pond, and at the tank. What am I looking for here?

    4) I would like to be able to shower with the water, and cooking with it would be nice. In my area, (Andersnon, County, Texas,) testing is available, but can I test this myself for more frequent monitoring?

    5) Will I ultimately need to treat the water with chlorine? And how do I do that?

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    I'd first have the water tested, then see what you may have to do to make it potable. It's possible all you need is something like a sand filter to remove a few particles.

    You may want to ask this in the pumps and wells section...you'll probably get more helpful responses there.

    Basically, most well pumps should handle that rise and distance. You'd need a bladder tank for some pressurized storage in the cabin so the pump doesn't have to run when you just want to brush your teeth.
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    So 300' of pipe resistance and 50' head
    You should be able to trade off pipe cost vs. pump cost.
    300' of half-inch pipe is about 97' of head, plus the 50'.

    6 GPM enough?
    The smallest pump on these curves should work.
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  5. hj

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    pond water

    Since you may not be the only one in the cabin, you MUST label all the faucets, "NonPotable water. Not for drinking or consumption purposes".
  6. Redwood

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    Dec 15, 2007
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    Why not drive a sandpoint and possibly have potable water?
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