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    Oct 7, 2005
    A house had developed a broken supply line to the upstairs toilet, while, the owners were gone on vacation; and they came back to one foot of water in the basement, ceilings falling in on the first floor, wooden floors bowing and will sure to buckle when dried out, lots and lots of needed repairs. Homeowners will cover it, minus their, 1,000 deductible, but, they just bought this 30 days ago, and was their " dream" house. WELL, at least they will get to pick out colors and floor coverings that will suit them, even more. But, just goes to show you, to shut off the water main if gone for an extended period of time. It looked like this happened right after they left Friday, and just ran, the whole time.

    Fire dept was there pumping out the water last night, and Restoration services brought in their big fans etc, today. Too bad. You got to feel for them. They are now staying in a motel.
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    I had a customer who had it happen to them during the night. When I looked at their floors I asked them "what happened to the water".. The downstairs owners had just gone back home to Minnesota and no body had a key to their unit so they had to fly back to open it and see what had happened inside.Since my customers were the upstairs owners, the downstairs was the apartment which looked like it had had a fire with ceilings falling down and cellulose insulation over everything and 2" of water on the floor
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