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I’ve Culligan water softener (medalist) 4 years old by previous owner. It’s a post fill softener from what I’ve learnt from trying to fix it.

Every time I check it is carrying too much water which seems to be increased post regen I believe. For example last night I did a regen and this morning found brine tank half full of water. When I did manual quick check of regen cycle, I noticed water gets added to bring tank during 3rd stage (fill cycle), however I didn’t check if that water keeps accumulating till the tank is half full where it reaches the floating device and stops, or does it gradually keep filling over night till it reaches the floating device and stops. It’s causing me to run out of salt too soon and I’ve been replacing 1-2 bags every 1-2 weeks. I went through all the steps recommended on this page/Gary’s YouTube/google except piston change. Nothing seems clogged.

I’m not sure if the problem is the water not getting drawn adequately or is it the water getting added too much at full cycle.

There are couple things I found odd:

1. buu (backwash time) was only set at 2
2. E clip missing from where brine line flow control attaches. I’m honestly not sure if it’s even supposed to have e clip, it’s something I found other models such as gold series have. If e clip supposed to be there then i might have a seal break but no idea how to check if this model supposed to have one as online manuals don’t describe it. I’ve attached picture for reference. I believe e clip shall be between grey and black junction.

Other settings:
Salt dosage: 6
Brine time: 45
Regen days: 2
Gallon: 750

Tonight I’ve changed Buu to 10 and Brine time to 60 to see if that changes anything before jumping the gun to piston change or piston inspection as it’s relatively a new unit from being installed 4 years ago. I checked eductor/injector too and it’s not clogged.

Another question, If I do end up deciding to change piston, how do I relieve the pressure prior to opening it?

Thank you so so much for your help

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