Plastics in dishwasher turning orange

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    Feb 11, 2009
    All my white plastic is turning orange in my dishwasher and my usually wonderful well water smells when you run the hot water. My husband put red-out in the water softener and it seems to have helped but I'm not positive. I'm trying to find out why it happened and what we can do about it. We don't seem to have rust on the clothes in the washing machine nor is there much in the toilets, sinks, etc. My husband checked everything he could and then finally talked with someone at a water softener store suspecting that might be the problem. They sent out a salesman who took tons of water samples at taps and the hot water heater and found nothing wrong with anything but wanted to sell us a very expensive filter that would remove all rust and smells and especially an even more expensive reverse osmosis filter and tap for the kitchen sink. I asked him what was causing the rust and he said he did not know but he knew that his $1300 filter would remove all the rust and it came with a 90 day money back guarantee so if we do get rust in the dishwasher anyway they'll take everything out and give me all my money back. I want to know what the problem is and then do something that will definitely solve the problem not just hope it will, especially for that kind of money.

    We replaced the hot water heater about 7 or 8 years ago for a similar problem but this guy was sure the hot water heater was okay.

    Any suggestions for what to do next would be very much appreciated.

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    Having a salesman come to your house, you can expect nothing but an attempted sale. You more than likely have an issue with your water softener and you should have someone inspect it to see what the issue is. It could be as simple as a frozen drain line or a plugged injector. What is the odor coming from your hot water? If it is a rotten egg odor and it's only in the hot water, you need to remove the magnesium anode rod, disinfect the tank, and install a zinc rod. I highly suggest that you call around for a water treatment tech and not a salesman.

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