Phosphates and TDS

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Hi Guys,

I know that we have some big brains that know water quality well here.

I purchased a hot tub and I been fighting phosphates in brand new fill.

My house is on 12x54 Catalytic GAC.

I got my home water checked

Free Chlorine 0.08
Total Chlorine 0.08
Combined Chlorine 0
pH 7
Hardness 53 ppm
Alkanity 95 ppm
Cyanuric Acid 5 ppm
Copper 0
Iron 0
Phosphate 2000 ppb

pH i can fix easily after filling tub with ...
Same with Alkanity and hardness

But the phosphates are issue ...

Spa dealer claims that little hose GAC cartdridge will remove phosphates, is this true ... I just don't understand how little gac block will do better then my 12x54 ? Maybe its time to re bead it ? Its 4 years old, 2 people

Before I replace water in hot tub, i would like to add filter to remove posphates and lower tds any suggestions

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