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    Aug 21, 2021
    Hello I am in the idea stage of designing a entire plumbing remodel in my home.
    My intent is to remove all copper and switch to a PEX setup with a manifold system.
    It is a single story with basement and well water source.
    The primary issue I have is the well and the hot water tank are on opposite sides of the home.
    I was thinking of a manifold directly after the well for cold and a manifold beside the water tank for hot.
    My main questions are.
    What type of manifold would be recommended because a Viega manabloc over four ports is split both hot and cold. The minibloc is only 1/2" so I am afraid of pressure loss compared to 3/4" and would need to do more than one in series to complete all the lines needed

    Would it be easier to do something like a Sioux chief copper manifold with valves on either line?

    I attached a diagram of the home layout.

    The laundry2 is a main floor laundry
    Laundry1 is basement.

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