PEX -- Different Manufacturer Methods and Failure Points

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    The PEX industry connection methods appear to continue to change.
    Looking for feedback on given methods especially leak problems encountered after install by any method or manufacturer.
    My take follows.

    Potential Fail Points.
    Abrading of the "O" ring appears to be the biggest potential issue
    When connecting to copper teeth can not grip copper pipe as well as the PEX. High pressure -- over 200 PSI with copper, may cause teeth to loose grip.

    1) Copper to Sharkbite
    I would imagine connecting to copper pipe would be most common fail point if the copper was rough or has burrs. Also question whether any movement over time as the pipe expands contracts might cause the copper to impact the "O" ring and cause a leak.
    2) PEX to Sharkbite
    Again like copper, if the PEX end is not smooth potential abrasion on the "O" ring.
    3) Sharkbite has there PEX pipe they sell. All PEX should meet a certain ASTM, but unknown whether there is enough variance that use of Sharbite pipe results in less leak "potential"

    Appears to be an upgrade to the original Sharkbite method.
    Still appears to use "O" rings but now has a visible "green" identifier that confirms the PEX is locked into place.

    Potential Fail Points.
    Estimate similar fail issues as with Sharkbite because of "O" ring used

    PEX is expanded with Expansion Tool and once contracts ring is put in place.

    Potential Fail Points.
    Don't seem to be an issue other than pipe loosing its memory over time causing the connection
    to fail. Over time would be 25+ years.

    Uses a metal crimp ring similar to automotive industry (e,g, Installation of rubber boots on transaxles)

    Potential Fail Points.
    Don't see an issue. Automotive industry has used this method for years.

    Potential Fail Points.
    Similar to Stainless Steel Crimp Ring. While Stainless Steel ring collapses and is drawn tighter, this ring may NOT collapse as much. However, concept appears to similar to
    a compression fitting which as worked well for years.
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