Penguin toilet

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    No, it's not a hole in the ice. It's a Chinese made round-bowl 1.28 flush toilet, my first one, provided by the customer.
    The china's good, flushes well, has all Fluidmaster guts in the tank.
    It's claim to fame is the cast-in drainage system that prevents the toilet from running over. Like a lavatory, it has holes up near the rim in the back, close to your butthole if you're sitting on it, that bleeds off water in case of a major clog event.
    Turn the bowl over prior to installation and you will see a hole in the front side of the exit pucker where the overfill would flow out. There's a cast-in trap for the alternate route, and the alternate venue in flushed clean with every usage.
    General functionality seems quite good for this toilet.
    On the downside, the toilet seat hardware is rather wonky and mysterious, but I got it to work. The bolts end up jammed up against toilet bowl, but not a major issue. The instructions for the seat install are in Chinglish, which is always entertaining.

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    One of the advantages of a modern, low volume toilet is that on one flush, there isn't enough water to overflow the rim, so I don't see the advantage of that extra plumbing unless the person is dumb enough to try to flush it again while the bowl is full. And, if that's the case, that extra path probably won't prevent it as the inlet rush would likely overwhelm the bowl's secondary outlet. Good marketing hype, though.
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