Pedestal Bathtub Install

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    We are getting ready to order a freestanding bathtub (cast iron) that sits atop a pedestal (also cast iron). Combined, the bathtub and pedestal weight roughly 500 pounds. Tub instructions say to afix the pedestal to the bathub by resting the bathtub upside down, running a bead of caulk (silicone I believe) along the pedestal, putting the pedestal ontop of the tub, and then letting the two pieces sit for 48 hours before flipping over. Has anyone ever installed one of these sorts of tubs? I don't see a bead of caulk 'holding' a cast iron pedestal, so I figuring on having to construct some sort of 'scaffolding' to prevent the pedestal from fall off. Then again, I'm not at all convinced I shouldn't caulk the pedestal and bathtub together upright. Thoughts????
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    •First choose your sink, thenhire a plumber to rough in a new waste pipe. "More often than not, the exisiting waste pipe is too low to install the trap, which fits inside the pedestal," Richard says.
    •While the wall is open, install blocking, a horizontal 2x that's screwed between the studs at basin height, beneath the palster or drywall. Blocking provides a solid anchor for the lag screws holding the sink against the wall.
    •Sinks do not come with fasteners. Have lag screws and washers on hand before undertaking this project.
    •Some steps require four hands. If you try to do everything by yourself, you may see hundreds of dollars' worth of porcelain topple and smash to the floor.
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