PE-RT pipe and UV exposure

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Building myself an office shed and am wrapping up trenching to run conduit for power.

Since I'm digging up quite a bit of the yard, and I want to eventually extend the trench further to put in a cistern and a yard hydrant, I'm going down below 24" to run those water lines in the same trench and will put the electric at 18". Was going to use 1" for the cistern output and 3/4" for the cistern input and yard hydrant.

But I need the office shed done for work now and I don't need the water line extension anytime soon.

Was originally going to use PEX tubing, but I'm going to have to leave the coil exposed for possibly several months and maybe until next spring if I get pulled into something until I extend the trench. I understand PEX is vulnerable to UV exposure. My first thought was just to cover the coil with maybe a trash bag above ground and some duct or aluminum tape to just below grade temporarily. Or I could cut it and then join up with it later with a connector, although I try to limit fittings underground if I can avoid it, which is why the remaining coil would be above ground for awhile.

We already have a lot of black polyethylene pipe, primarily for the well and the line to the house. So I figured I'd just use that for the new water lines and sidestep the UV issue. We haven't had any issues with it and, although it's sometimes challenging to work with, it's proven itself to me.

Checking my local Tractor Supply, they only have 1" poly in stock, but they have something in 3/4 called PE-RT.

Having trouble finding much info on PE-RT. Google seems to treat PEX and PE-RT identically.

So is PE-RT subject to the same UV cautions as PEX?
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