PE gas line UNDER a slab?

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    So I've got an underground 1-1/4" PE line coming toward my guest house and it needs to get to the other size to an outdoor tankless hot water heater (that's the only gas demand in the house). Here's an image: Coming in from the red arrow on the right and going to the tankless water heater (red circle) on the left. Garage is 20' wide.

    So my drafter is telling me I have to surface the PE through a riser on the outside of the structure on the RIGHT, penetrate the wall above grade, then black pipe up through the wall, through the ceiling of the garage, and then down through the wall and finally terminate on the outside on the LEFT next to the water heater.

    This seems crazy. My reading of the code seems to indicate that I can run my PE under the slab so long as I sleeve it (maybe a 2" sch 40 PVC?) while it's under the slab, then have a riser come up on the LEFT, right where I need it. And a further clarification, I don't even think I need to vent the sleeve so long as it starts and ends outside the structure. Is that correct?

    2018 IPC.
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    Your building code, and inspector, will TELL you what you can, or cannot, do.
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