PC to ABS: Fernco or solvent weld?

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    Below is a pic of the drain pipe under my master bath vanity. My drain pipes are made of ABS.

    About a 1/4" from the face of the escutcheon, someone has previously welded a straight coupling, and for God knows what reason, the trap has been glued together.

    I am installing a new base cabinet and top, and the drain needs to be repositioned.

    Should I cut along the yellow line, remove the escutchion, and slip on a Fernco coupling?
    Or can I make a cut a little further out, and solvent-weld a PVC street coupling into the inner ABS pipe?

    Orange has an "all-purpose" cement which works on both ABS and PVC, but it doesn't say on the label if it's okay for to welding together two different plastics together.

    Just trying to ascertain a legitimate way to do this - preferably without tearing into the wall.

    Thanks in advance,

    Master vanity drain.jpg
  2. dlarrivee

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    Jun 28, 2009
    There is a transition glue available, but in your case I wouldn't use it.

    Cut on that yellow dotted line, and lose the bell-escutcheon, bore out the back of the cabinet enough to fit a new ABS coupling.

    I'd be tempted to use a spigot-trap adapter, and use a tubular trap so you can avoid problems like this later on.
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