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Discussion in 'Computers and Stuff' started by Cookie, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Cookie

    Cookie .

    Oct 7, 2005
    Just for your information to anyone or everyone,

    I did not delete this thread.
  2. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
    I deleted the thread.

    It was time to move on.
    Sorry about that.

    There was some good information on it.
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  4. Ian Gills

    Ian Gills Senior Robin Hood Guy

    Jul 24, 2007
    Robber, with some DIY on the side.

    I do miss the list of fools errands that were deleted in the last post though. That took a lot of work. Some of peanut's were fantastic, but now remain lost.

    2 by 4 stretcher
    10ft of fallopian tube
    10 metres of <commercial air name> air-line
    100m of flightline
    A5 Continuation sheets (secretarial: if it's too big for A5, you use A4)
    A bee-line
    AC battery
    Adjustable needle-nose pliers
    Ants' milk
    Articulated Gyrogorphotor (£10,000 value and lost/stolen!) (assumed to be a fools errand)
    A runaround (sent all over the place; "runaround" is also slang for a beat-up but reliable car)
    Bar stretchers
    Basin Trials (get Junior sailor watching the basins in the bathrooms for any leaks prior to sailing)
    Battery for the dynamo flashlight
    Bearing grease for the Radio Compass/Tacan/VOR etc.
    Big weight/wait (same effect as a long wait)
    Binnacle Alignment Tool (naval)
    Bird food for the cuckoo in the cuckoo clock
    Bit bucket for the bits lost when the computer system crashes
    Blinker fluid/indicator fluid (car mechanics)
    Box of grid squares
    Box of sparks for spark plugs
    Box of tappet clearances
    Box of topo (civil engineering, "Topo" is a Japanese snack-food)
    BT Punch (naval - popular on ships with 1200 lb. plants, and huge knuckle-dragging BTs; don't specify whether to ask for the left or right punch; a smart HT will suggest taking both "just to be sure")
    Bubbles for spirit levels
    Bucket of steam
    Bucket of compressed air
    Can of blue steam
    Can of squelch (when target returns empty-handed, "remember" it now comes in spray cans not tin cans)
    Canopy lights (air force)
    Cans of Water Slugs (naval)
    Check/Czech paint
    Chem-Light batteries (air force)
    Compass Oil
    Compass wrench
    Copper magnet
    Coriolus effect technician (IT) - to check direction the token on token ring network is travelling
    Coriolus effect watch, in order to determine when you have crossed the equator. Coriolus effect is which way water circles the plughole! (naval)
    Coupon rake (banking)
    Cranking down the mast (naval)
    Crocodile Milk
    Curve stretcher (civil engineering)
    Cyrillic Pencil
    Data packets
    Deicer for the level
    DF Bearing Grease (naval)
    Dry water
    Elbow grease
    e.m.h.o. log (naval: early morning hard on)
    Find Charley Noble (galley smoke stack) (USN 1950s)
    Find the Golden Rivet (naval - the golden rivet was supposedly the last rivet installed and located in the shaft alley)
    Find the spilt token (computing - when a token ring network cable is unplugged, can end up with everyone on hands and knees searching!)
    Fire warmer
    Flux capacitor (only to be found in a sci-fi movie)
    Frequency grease (if the radar sounds too squeaky), if the new guy brings anything back it's low frequency grease and you needed high frequency grease
    Gig Line (naval)
    Glass axe
    Glass hammer
    Glass magnet
    Gnat's Milk
    Gnat Tit Ointment
    Grape grater
    Green oil for the starboard lamp (naval)
    Hard punch
    Holes for hole punches
    Horizontal tentpegs
    Hose Stretchers
    Howitzer report (ordnance)
    ID-ten-T form (ID-10T - popular in armed forces)
    Jet Blast Compound (aviation)
    Key to the vapour lock
    Keys to the drop zone (air force)
    K9P Cutting Fluid
    Learning curve (draughtsman)
    Left-handed box-end wrench
    Left-handed gavel (auctioneer's mallet)
    Left-handed monkey wrench
    Left-handed paint roller
    Left-handed punch/right-handed punch (these errands are painful)
    Left handed screwdriver
    Left-handed smokeshifter
    Left-handed tablespoon
    Liquid magnet
    Long drop
    Long stand ("long stands" exist in the clothing industry)
    Long weight (storesman goes away for a while to "look" on his return he says "was that long enough?")
    Mercury rods/discs (mercury is liquid at room temperature)
    Metric adjustable wrenches (in metric countries: Imperial adjustable wrenches)
    MIL-TFD-1111 (mythical military/engineering standard: "Make It Like - The F**king Drawing" - For Once)
    Money changing for Gibraltar - "If you're going ashore you better go and cash a cheque for your Giblets" (naval)
    New cursor for the computer (IT)
    New tokens for the Token Ring network (computing)
    Non-conductive cardboard
    Ooievaarskuitenvet (The Netherlands - storks' calves' fat)
    Pachyderm trunking
    Peedo-file (on a written chit - pronounced "paedophile")
    Pink paraffin for the night lights (red bulbs!, naval)
    Podger, for aligning holes (in some circles, this exists)
    Pot dividers (kitchen staff)
    Polka-dot paint
    Post-hole key (on a race track)
    PRC-E7 ("prick E7") (PRC "prick" is military radio, but E7 is a grade of sergeant; PRC-E7 = "prick sergeant" not a type of radio)
    Prop Wash (aviation)
    Rearrange the 6-ply (6 colored sheets with 5 carbons to put in reverse order)
    Recharge the escape arrows with a torch (naval)
    Recharger for the sound-powered phone batteries
    Relative Bearing Grease for the compass
    Requisition the Supply Officer for 1000 Gas Tight Envelopes (armed forces)
    Ring centres (essentially these are paper punchouts/chads)
    Roll of film for the digital Camera
    Rubber mallet (rubber-headed panel-beating mallets exist)
    Sauerkraut seed
    Sending a sailor to "pilot" the missile (naval)
    Sending new techs at a CommSta hunting for a spool of Red Order Wire to do some repairs (naval)
    Sending someone to Engineering Control to report, "Sir, High level alarm in the cooling system, request permission to blow the MPA" (naval)
    Sending someone to the Chiefs' mess to turn off their lights when "darken ship" is piped (naval)
    Sending someone to the galley to get some oil boiled when the Petty Officer requests boiled oil. Linseed oil is "double boiled" so it can be sent back with the fool saying "you've only boiled this once" (naval)
    Shelf expander (expanding shelves really do exist)
    Shore line stretcher
    Siren Winders (fire/ambulance service)
    Skyhooks (items by this name have since been invented for aviation use)
    Snake oil
    Snipe Hunt (scouts/military, a night-time communal fools' errand)
    Socket for round nuts
    Some electricity (usually the fool is sent away form stores with a battery)
    Some snew (fool usually asks "What's snew?" [what's new?])
    Sonar grease (for when it sounds a bit "squeaky")
    Sound powered phone batteries (naval)
    Spare smoke canister for when the smoke (that runs the computer/other electrical kit) escapes
    Sparks for the fire
    Sparks for the grinder
    Spark samples from the angle grinder
    Squilgee Sharpener (naval)
    Stand mail buoy watch (naval)
    Stand Monkey Watch while sailing past Gibraltar (included a broomstick and a hard hat)
    Striped Paint
    Tartan paint
    Tartan yarn (wool)
    Tuning pipe for a fog horn
    The lost document file
    Virtual ram for the computer network server
    Water Hammer (this is the banging sound made in water pipes)
    Waveguide stretcher (radar operators)
    White ink for the inkjet printer
    Winter grade air for winter tyres
    Wiremesh watering can
    Yard of chow line (military)
    Yard of shoreline
  5. Ian Gills

    Ian Gills Senior Robin Hood Guy

    Jul 24, 2007
    Robber, with some DIY on the side.
    In the deleted post, some members were proposing to patent some truely fabulous inventions, although this all became rather lost in the noise. Peanut, for example, noted the brilliance of two of his: the "Quiet Glider Engine" and "plaid paint".
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