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    I mistakenly posted this in the remodel forum - so bear with me if this looks familiar!

    I have recently bought a front loader (Bosch) washer and dryer set. The current washer and dryer (both 25+ years old) are next to the drain and vent line in the basement but that does not allow for much space to do laundry. I would like to locate on an inside wall of the basement but that would mean that I would have to run the drain up and overhead back down to the existing trap and vent.

    We already have drain piping coming from a sink upstairs that we can mimic (not enough room for a trap or to tie in). The washer states that we can pump to 8FT of head. With the washer on a pedestal, I only have to go an additioanl 3 FT to the ceiling from the washer connection, 6-6.5 FT to the bottom of the washer. The drain line would run across the ceiling joists, turn 90 degrees and slope down a wall at approx. 45 degrees to an existing washer p-trap and vent connection to tie into.
    Would run 2" PCV for the drain. With all of this am I missing anything?
    Should I install a check valve in the vetical line?
    Also, should this all be hard piping or should I mimic a washer standpipe - i.e. use the existing hose and just "hook" into an open conenction just under the floorboards?
    Looking for some experience to guide or issues to avoid!

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