out with the LP boiler , in with the P&M wood boiler

Discussion in 'Boiler Forum' started by GMan57, Dec 19, 2013.

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    Dec 19, 2013
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    Well old LP - Trident TI150 burned up. So replaced it with a Portgage and Main outdoor wood boiler. That boiler is working great, it gets fed wood and delivers hot water to my system.
    Now the system it hooks into via plate heat exchanger, (othere side is just looped back into itself where the LP boiler once hooked into it. So via a couple pumps and valves this feeds my DHW, which use to be connected by the thermistate to the LP boiler. Well now with it out of the picture, those wires coming from my Boilermate don't connect to anything. So although its nice to have 180 degree water coming through the faucets, kind of dangerouse if my grandkids where to turn on the hot water.. so need a solution for that. Then this boiler also feeds a radiant floor system and flows upstairs to my air heat exchanger which then blows warm air through the house. Here is the problem. No heat just getting cold air out. the thermistate tests out good, the pump is working, I check both the connections going into the heat exchanger upstairs and via the bleeder valve see water is getting there. However not really hot, and I thought I might have air in the lines so I went back down stairs to bleed off the return line, and I open the valve and gives me about a quart of cold water pretty solid , then nothing not even air.. am I missing something why would that happen.. any help would be appreciated.
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