Old Delta 1500 Series - Can't Turn on Shower

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    Aug 24, 2019
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    I've just moved into a new place and am having a couple of problems with the tub/shower faucet in one of the bathrooms. From what I've seen online, I believe it's an older Delta 1500 series unit.

    The first problem is that the handle to turn on/off the water flow spins forever, i.e. there's nothing stopping it from spinning in the fully open or closed positions. Water comes on at certain positions and turns off at others. See video below for a demonstration.

    The second - and much bigger - problem is that I can't get the shower to come on. With the tub running, I pull down the valve on the bottom of the tub spout but nothing happens. If I pull very hard I can get it to lock in place, but still no water comes out of the shower head. See video for a demo.

    I've talked to a couple of plumbers about replacing the entire faucet with a new unit, but they all say that the vinyl backsplash would have to be removed to do this, making the cost for the job pretty steep. So instead I'm trying to go the route of replacing the guts of the current faucet, if possible.

    Looking online, I found the RP29405 conversion kit which replaces the internals and also gives a more modern looking trim to boot. Would this likely be the solution to the problems I'm having?
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