Oh, oh Mexico!

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    Dear Friends,
    Just purchased and installed a Rheem RHG PRO50-40F. Decided to go with a conventional unit that has a pretty good reputation - even made in Alabama by an Alabama Company. So far it works very well and the unit seems to be very well insulated. While I was copying down the serial number for the warranty card (8-years), I noticed that at the bottom of the re-light instructions that it said "Made in Mexico." Oh well, I tried, and I do like Mexico! Evidently Rheem (and Ruud, I suppose) has outsourced some of its units in the 24 years since I bought my last one. Live & learn.
    Next week I'm installing two Toto Drakes! Then will have it made in the shade. :cool:

    'Bama Bill
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    Better than China I think. China workers are getting better.

    Assembled in Mexico will have parts made in China, or Japan.

    RCA has been there and done that with TVs years age. So has GM.

    Are You surprised ?

    Mexicans are hard workers.

    US workers seem to bitch to much. Screw "Its to Hot".

    Just get the Job done, for a price that people can afford.
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