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  1. Bigbobdallas

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    Jan 28, 2006
    The bath area I will be gutting is 7'6 by 4'8" wide with now a small shower at one end and right next to it is a cabinet for towels and toilet and sink. Now let me see if I can explain it if I can. We want to make it handicap accesible. with a 3 ft door and roll in shower no curb and what my wife was wanting to do was to put a small sink in it and a toilet of cource. And tile floor and all walls I guess it would be called a complete wet room. Has anyone ever done something like this and do you have any ideas that might help us even pics if you have done this before. I just need ideas on how to lay it out.
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    This is becoming more common. You still need to slope the floor so the easiest way to do that is to recess the floor where the shower will be so you can have the slope to the drain, but keep the edge even with the floor. Recessing the floor can be a pain, but it may be necessary since you'd not want any significant lip at the threshold into the room, either, although you could put a small ramp there. You will need to waterproof most, if not all of the floor in the room. Check out Kerdi at for one method that works well. The room will be kind of small to allow a wheelchair to get in there and turn around. A bench in the shower would be a nice touch.

    Go over to and look through their library (liberry (sic)) for some pictures and other advice. Once you've looked that over, post your questions.
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  4. Bigbobdallas

    Bigbobdallas New Member

    Jan 28, 2006

    Yes that is my normal hangout. But no pics there. We have a little nook area in there that we could open up into another area, same room to put the toliet but then the only question would be I would have to move the drain for toliet over about 3 foot and the back about 1 I know this can be done. The wife was thinking of installing someway a little sink right in the shower area just a real small one if that makes since. We neither one need a wheelchair but we are in our 50 and you never know what the future holds for any of us so just want to be prepaired while we are able to get it ready and then God forbid if we have to we are reay:(
    I have a older hose built in 60 and has cast iron drains and vents would like to chage these out to PVC. Am a Fair DIY'er X remolder by trade so can just about do anything if I need assistance I can come to you PRO's:D and get advise right. Thanks for a good forum
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