new tub too close and too high ?

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Hi folks, of course the wife and i ... ok. SHE ( a lot ! and me a little ) wanted to remodel the bathroom, and of course i did not answer all the questions yet... so here goes nothing.
New tub, drain will be 19" away (center of 4" main) and is 14" lower (center of 4" main) with a maximum clearance directly below the tubs 'p' trap of 9 1/2".
So after much reading and do not see how i'm going to respect the rules of the 'p' trap ( "seeing" the vent + 3 " min of length ) , because i will have to use an angle downwards to reach my 4" main with is much lower, thus running the chance of emptying my 'p' trap . Maybe i'm misinterpreting the regulations and confusion the verticals with the horizontal regulations ( "seeing the vent ").
Some of my ideas or solutions to plead my case ( since i'm close to the main no venting req. on the tub, correct ?...), i could used a wye fitting of the main a with 3" branch that would augment my changes of "seeing" the vent when i changed direction downwards plus giving more indirect venting.
I would prefer to go in the 4" pipe if i could, there also a plan 'b' the 1 1/2 drain that was for the old sink (black abs pipe on the wall ).
Your thoughts for "want to be a plumber".
Thanks in advances.


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