New Rheem Tankless Issue

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Hello, I recently had a Rheem EcoH200DVLN-2 installed by a professional plumber/gas fitter, the only portion I did myself was run the PVC for the venting and had him verify it's correct. I purchased the unit separately. After about a week it started throwing an error code 10 as soon as any tap is turned on, which is supposed to indicate an issue with venting.

I used 2" CPVC on the exhaust and 2" PVC on the intake, both runs are within 1' of each other in length, there are 2 90s and then a straight 30' horizontal run outside the home. Dipswitches are set correctly for longer 2" runs and is good up to 45' with 5 90s. I've reset it a few times with no change.

The unit has no issues running, and is moving a lot of air, you can feel it blowing strongly at the side of the home. I contacted Rheem and they're sending me a new blower motor, but I have my doubts if that will fix the issue as this one is running.

Any ideas or things I can do to troubleshoot further?

Thanks in advance.
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