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  1. robert-

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    Jun 20, 2013
    I've been reading entries in the forum all morning trying to find the answer to this but so far have come up with nothing, so...

    Our house sits 350' away and 35' uphill from a shared well. When we built the house, I ran 2" PVC pipe from the well house to our house. We found (not surprisingly) that our pressure was insufficient especially in the 2nd floor shower. I installed a pressure booster pump in our basement which solved the problem. After 5 years of listening to it cycle on and off everytime there's any water demand I decided to build an external pump house.


    Half way from the shared well house to our house, I built a pump/storage shed along side the water line. I split the 2" water line and brought the line in to fill the 2600G storage tank. The 1 1/4" output line of the tank goes through a check valve and into the inlet of a Grundfos JP20-CI jet pump. ( 220V, single phase, 2hp, shallow well ). The 1" output of the pump goes through 3 elbows, another check valve and out of the shed and into the 2" underground line to resume travel to the house. The output of the pump is also tee'd to a new Gould V250 pressure tank. ( via 3 more elbows).

    Pressure tank is set for 38 psi and pump is set for 40/60. Pressure switch is on-board the pump. All 3 components are within a few feet of each other.

    I've insured the pump has all air bled out.

    My problem is the pressure switch chatters and arcs on both cut-on and cut-off. Just 2 or 3 times at cut-off ( 60 psi) but really bad at cut-on ( 40 psi). It's so bad it's popped the breaker 3 or 4 times when I wasn't fast enough to turn the switch to the pump off while testing the whole system. When the pump stays on, it runs for about 60 seconds and brings the pressure up to approx. 60 psi. as it should.

    I'm suspecting 2 things: 1) I don't think I really need a check valve on the output of the pump. It's causing increased resistence(?)
    2) I have too many elbows between the pump and the main line. 3-1" ells inside the pump house and 3-1 1/2" ells before it joins the 2" main line. The pressure tank also has 3-1" ells on that branch.
    3) Both 1 and 2.

    Any advise and/or help is greatly appreciated. I am way into the dog house with the wife on how much I've spent on this project (and not on her)

    Thank you one and all,


    Type of pump?
    Jet Pump (above ground)_Grundfos JP20-CI

    Size of Pump?
    Motor Horsepower?_____2 hp_____
    Pump Model #___JP20__
    Date Pump Installed__this week

    Pumping from?
    Cistern tank_______X____
    Pump Setting____40/60______
    Pipe Size__1 1/4" input, 1" output
    Pressure Tank?
    Bladder or diaphragm tank (one pipe to tank)__Bladder
    Size or model of tankGould V250
    Air charge in top of tank, with pump off and water drained____38________PSI
    (check with car tire gauge)
    Plain Hydro Pneumatic tank (two pipes to tank, one in and one out)_________
    Size of tank____88G____________

    Pressure Switch Setting?
    On 30, off 50 ________
    On 40, off 60____X_____

    Pump Control Method?
    Pressure switch on-board Grundfos pump

    Water Used For?
    House Use____X___ Number of baths____2___ Number of People____2____
    High Flow Showers_______gpm?
    Irrigation with timers________
    Irrigation with hoses__X______
    Heat Pump______gpm?

    Problems Experienced

    Other____Pressure switch chatter

    Pump makes clicking or buzzing sounds________
    No Sounds______________
    Pressure gauge reading________psi

    Do you have, and know how to use
    an Ampmeter and Voltmeter_____Yes_____________
  2. valveman

    valveman Cary Austin Staff Member

    Mar 15, 2006
    Pump Controls Technician
    Lubbock, Texas
    If the pressure switch is still attached to the side of the motor, remove the check valve between the pump and pressure tank. You also may need to move the sensing line for the pressure switch closer to the pressure tank.
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  4. LLigetfa

    LLigetfa DIYer, not in the trades

    Feb 6, 2011
    NW Ontario, Canada
  5. robert-

    robert- New Member

    Jun 20, 2013
    It works flawlessly now. I took out the check valve that was "downstream" from the pump, eliminated 3 elbows to the pressure tank and moved the sensing line from the pump housing itself to the pipe by the pressure tank. No switch chatter. It makes perfect sense now that I understand the dynamics a little better.

    Thanks a million!!!
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