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    Oct 7, 2005
    Well, being I have been sick with the flu, and now Tonsilitis, I didn't start the new job. I got fluid in my left ear and am back to the status of a non-hearing person, for the most part. I can't read squat without the aide of glasses, since about age 13, so, I can't hear, can't see, and just basically, cough alot & irritate others. I got that down to an art. I like to tell everyone how contagious I am.

    Well, I was reading the news, the other day, and lo & behold, the bank where I would had been at, would had started at was robbed! Robbed I say.

    Now, I had this scenario play in my head, if I would had started, and being the luck I have been given in life, I would had been his teller.

    I can see this:

    He would had strolled up and I would had heard this, " iveg em oury oneym."

    I would say, " I am sorry, I got fluid in my ear and can't hear very well, could you repeat that, sir?"

    With that he would had handed me a note. I would stare at it a few minutes saying, " Sir, I got to get my glasses, I will be back, I can't see without them."

    Then, while stumbling & hitting the silent alarm; I would apologize saying to everyone " how do I turn off this silent alarm?"

    He would had left in frustration.

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