New House using Lake water - what type of pump do I need?

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    Sep 20, 2011
    Help! I am uneducated in plumbing equipment and products. I have talked to three plumbers and each had a different idea on how to pump lake water up 80 feet to the house. We replaced a cistern from the original house that has a pipe going out into the lake. It is a shallow lake (6') and I'm concerned about freezing..but everyone looks at me like I"m crazy.
    The cement cistern is right next to the lake with an opening and pipe into the lake. Should be we be using a submersible pump or a jet pump? It is my understanding that the water will be pumped up into a pressure tank...then put through a water filtration system so that we can use it for household use (not drinking). I was told the jet system is very loud and would need to be housed in a shed.
    What are your thoughts on this type of system? The old cottage used a submersible in a cinderblock box next to the lake, so we had planned to simply replace the system. All of our neighbors with wells are very unhappy because of high arsenic levels, smell and hardness, which is why we are leaning toward lake water.
    What type of pump do I need and do I need any other holding tanks? Thanks in advance. Please remember, I am not a plumbing professional, so keep the jargon simple!
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    You can use a 10 GPM, 1/2 HP submersible in the lake to pump to the cistern. Remove the check valve in the submersible and it will drain back to prevent the pipe from freezing. Then use another 10 GPM, 1/2 HP submersible to pump from the cistern, through the filtration system, to a presure tank, and on to the house. You only need a small 4.4 gallon pressure tank is used with a Cycle Stop Valve like the picture to the left.
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