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Discussion in 'Lawn Care/Landscaping' started by Richard Cropper, Mar 24, 2020.

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    Jan 5, 2016
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    Good morning! Wanted to get a few thoughts from you guys to see what you think, I have been looking and not really found a good reason to go either way. I plan on installing a 650' driveway for our new construction. Do you recommend putting down a geotextile below the base or not? The ground is a farm field, farmed last year. Looking at 2" to 4" of top soil along the route of the driveway. It is a loamy soil, quite a bit of sand further down. The area is high and drains rather well. For the base I plan on using crushed concrete and once the construction is done go back over it with a 3/4 stone probably. Opinions, ideas and concerns are greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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    When it comes to driveway construction, it's the budget that usually makes the decision. It is really depends on the soil conditions, the amount of traffic and winter conditions (ground heaving). An everyday driveway for the house and it will wear faster than say a driveway to a barn outback. A hard surface drive will get longer use before it may need to be resurface such as with asphalt. A soft or stone top will take maintenance every few years by needing to dump stone and regrading. If money is no object it can be built like a regular road base. However, geotexile products do look the best way to get more life out of the surface with far less washout.

    I'm not a driveway builder, just my thoughts if this was my house. I did have a driveway built for one of my houses with 3/4 stone and asphalt, but a 30' driveway is no way the same as you need.
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