NeverScrub Review- I live in Hard water area

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    Hello All,

    I recently stumbled across this automatic toilet bowl cleaner called neverscrub. unfortunately, my kohler toilet is succumbed to hard water stains and removing the pink out is nearly impossible, not to mention put a strain on my back.

    i heard from my friend that she bought this at publix but supposedly they dont have it anymore so i went on their site and ordered it.

    this is amazing. and no, i dont work for never scrub. i just want to post my enthusiasm that if you hate cleaning and scrubbing the toilet, this is the product for you.

    here is where i was concerned. i used to put in drop in tablets which ate my plumbing valve. i was afraid neverscrub might do the same thing but i called the company and a nice young lady informed me that how it works is their system contains the cleaner and one tube attaches to the fill valve while the other tube goes down the overflow pipe. So when you flush, the water runs from the valve, dissolves the cleaner then goes out the other tube directly into the toilet bowl. even after you flush, the cleaner coats it so it has been 3 weeks since i have not yet to clean my bowl or those nasty stains.

    here is how i attached it to my tank. images.jpg ]

    Installation: SUPER EASY,i didnt need any tools at all. i'm a 46 year old single mother and hardware and plumbing is not my forte. this is done in less than 3 minutes with just removing and replacing the fill tube with neverscrub system.

    PERFORMANCE: I would grade this a 5 out of 5 because it truly cleans those hard water stains I have been working on for years.

    overall, it does not smell like anything and i think this is great. iheard they are doing a free shipping promotion so please visit their site "neverscrub" and share the good news! this is a life saver
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