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  1. ctutuncu

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    Dec 11, 2004
    Hi there,

    My question is about a never stopping water pump. What we have in our house are a hydropneumatic water tank (says Mark IV on it) and a pressure switch (says Pumptrol D Square D Company Class 9013 Ser B on 20 off 40).

    Our pump never stops working so I end up having to turn the power off whenever I see the pressure reaching 50. I tried to adjust the switch after reading what was previously posted on the Forum. I emptied all the water in the tank, pumped air from the valve on top of the vertical tank using a bicycle pump. I made sure to pump in 28PSI as instructed on the water tank. Then turned the power on. When the pressure reached 50, I turned the power off and started adjusting the large spring nut CCW hoping that the contacts on the switch would get released. Although I go all the way to release the spring coil completely the contacts do not snap back. When I push the plates apart using a plyer the contacts get released, so it makes me wonder whether there is not enough pressure on the diaphragm to push the plate against the spring.

    My questions are:
    1) Does all that mean that the pressure switch is gone bad?
    2) Given that the Tank instructs to pump 28PSI (which should be 2 less than the cutting point of 30PSI) and given that the switch is marked 20-40, am I better of buying a 30-50 switch if I need to buy a new one? Or is it OK to push the 20-40 switch to work 30-50?

    Thanking all in advance.

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  2. Hube

    Hube New Member

    Sep 1, 2004
    Your best to buy a new 30/50 Square d 9013 switch and start from scratch.
    Turn off power to pump, etc, install switch,open drain valve on pressure tank, drain pressure tank,close drain valve, adjust air to 2 psi below cut in.(28).
    Turn power on, check cut out and cut in settings, adjust as per switch directions.... enjoy.
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