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  1. dw85745

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    Oct 14, 2004
    Tucson, Arizona
    Not fond of neo-corner showers but need one because of space limitations.

    Prefer single piece because of potential leakage points but most look "cheap" and feel flimsy to a say the least.
    Anyone know of any quality single unit neo's or a quality 5 piece (base makes 5) kit?
  2. johnfrwhipple

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    You want it to look cheap???

    Typo I'm sure.

    It should not be hard to find a neo angle shower base. Call your plumbing wholesalers in your town and ask them what shower bases they carry. Then goggle the maker and find one that fits.

    Or go custom with a hand made neo angle pan. I build loads of neo-angle showers and use Noble Seal TS for my primary waterproofing on the floor. It comes in 5' widths so I can do the floor, up the wall 6" and up the curb in one sheet with no cuts in any corner. Lapping it around the 45 degree bend in the neo angle design is made easier by a relief cut in the curbs backer board.

    Any of the pre-made kits from Schluter, Wedi or Laticrete can be cut to fit a neo angle shape.

    The AKW pan is also cuttable and allows for a level access shower.

    So many options.

    Work on your budget, take off 30% - Determine the timeline you need to follow and plan your attack.

    Working with a flanged pre-made pan you could be wrapped up in 4 days. Remember to flood test the drain connection on the pan with an inflatable test plug and extension hose.

    Good Luck.

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  4. dw85745

    dw85745 Member

    Oct 14, 2004
    Tucson, Arizona

    Looking at 38x38 neo's.
    Since this is pier and beam -- not -- slab on grade (have few this part country, sure a lot in Canada)
    I rejected tile out of concerns of any potential floor movement.

    Laying in a pre-formed pan is no problem and I'm not overly concerned about the two back walls on the studs

    Around here most go with glass side walls which I don't particularly like because of the maintenance issue
    of keeping it clean. (Glass looks great in magazines but IMHO not functionable). I would like to go from pan
    to the ceiling (helps keep heat in shower otherwise drafty) and I guess I could build a 2x2 wall on top of the pan
    but was hoping for an easier alternative. Right now I'm thinking either "imitation marble" or Corian for the walls.
    Haven't worked with Corian since the early 80's so not sure what's available any more. Use to be their sheet widths
    were around 30 inches as I recall, so this mean splicing sheets which are are pain with thin material and /or
    to keep from breaking during install in a tight area.

    Thanks for the reminder.
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