Need help with DIY newbee Utility Sink Install

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    May 10, 2013
    Need help with DIY newbee Utility Sink Install (Pics Inside)

    My first post, please be easy with me...

    Some Background:
    Year house built: 2006
    State/County: Florida/Pasco
    Experience: I'm pretty handy when it comes to fixing/building things around the house, but have really never done any drastic plumbing work besides fixing a leaky drain here or there and installing a pre-plumbed garbage disposal.

    We would like to install a utility sink in our laundry room. First, a few pictures:

    The Laundry Room - I would either install the sink to the right or left of the washer

    Reverse angle of Laundry Room

    Pic of water supply and drain opening left by homebuilder (Pulte)

    Closeup of drain

    Do you think this is something a DIY'er could tackle successfully, or would it be best to call in a pro? If I could tackle any suggestions on connections/installation materials? Thanks in advanced.

    Also, if I go the pro route, any ideas on what kind of quotes I should expect, assuming they just pre-plumb it for me to actually install the sink?
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  2. essjay

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    Nov 12, 2012
    Full disclosure: I AM NOT A PRO and never will be.

    However, I am also a DIYer. As long as your willing to learn and do it right this could be accomplished by someone with reasonable skill, intelligence. and patience.

    There are quite a few gotchas to be aware of however. The PVC fittings you will eventually use must be for the purpose for which they are intended, sink venting must be considered, drain line sizing must be proper, and heights must be followed for traps and drains. If your water lines are copper or pex these will need be run and connected too. Drywall work will be mandatory, so think along those lines also.

    If you considered using the existing cleanout (plugged) as the utility sink drain input you have some reading to do.

    Before calling in a 'pro' I would educate myself as to what is really required and then get some quotes from a few. Then, if they lead you astray I would look elsewhere. It may work, but it wont be right (or to code).

    If you decide to take this on, just know where your going before you start. And ask questions, both here and elsewhere.

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    Oct 22, 2011

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