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    Mar 22, 2012

    I need some advice regarding a wall hung toilet. I manage a community hall and although we have a designated handicap washroom, it is lacking in a few areas. One problem is that there is not enough room to properly turn a wheelchair around. I don’t have to meet ADA requirements but I want to do the best I can. What I am planning to do is pull the toilet out and install a wall hung toilet. What this will do is give me some room under the toilet for the swing radius of the footrests on the typical wheelchair.

    I am leaning towards a flushometer type probably a Sloan flushometer. (Although I could use a cistern inside the wall, I think I would rather keep the plumbing all exposed.) I also prefer an elongated toilet as this seems to be normal for handicapped washrooms. At the same time I need to keep the toilet as short as possible and as much clearance underneath as I can get to clear footrests.

    I want a 6L flush (I would not have a problem with a higher volume flush but I don’t think they are available any longer.) Quite a few 4.8L toilets seem to accept a 6L flushometer. I have a 1 ½†supply to the building so can supply a 1†line at 65 psi.

    The toilets that I have been looking at are: Crane Placidus US3346, American Standard Flowise 3351 001, Contrac/Clark 4762CEX, Proflo PF1731, and Ceralux VitrA 5425HET. But I really can’t find much in the way of recommendations or reviews from people who have actually installed any of these toilets.

    Can anyone give me a recommendation, or tell me if I should avoid any of these models? Also tell me if you think I am missing something or what to watch for.
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