NCB-240H recirculating question

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I have a NCB-240 combi unit installed a couple of months ago. Because of the boiler location the hot water now takes longer time to reach the faucets. I do not have a dedicated return pipe and would like to use Watts or Navien's valve to run recirculation and bring hot water faster.
1. Can internal recirculation pump(RP) be used for that?
2. What does it do there now? I hear it running sometimes.
I see on board marks for T/S recirc and RP outlet on the other side - I think it's for an external RP.
3. How are they related?
Menu offers 5 choices on an external recirculation, I would like to use the last one: HotButton. This way I can bring hot water(HW) without delay and waste. I tried emulate T/S(thermostat) connection but it didn't work. Although the RP's wires became hot, when this option(HotButton) was chosen. BTW, I'm not a plumber, and suspect that the guy who install the unit isn't up to the task. Please help me, it would be greatly appreciated .
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