Navien 210A for floor heat and using Navcirc

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I have a NPE-210A. Recently a floor heating circuit was added to the heater. This uses the recirc line back to the heater. and the internal pump to circulate the water. I wanted to add a Navcirc valve to the system, but didn't realize when I bought it off eBay that it also required a cold connection back to the recirc of the heater. I'm now confused as to whether this recirculation valve can be used with the way my system is configured. I am also questioning how the recirc valve and toggles were left.

Can the Navcirc be used in a 210A system that is using in floor heating? By the instructions, you would need a recirc path from the cold water side to the recirc port on the heater, however this is already being used for the floor heat. It would seem to me that attempting to do this would cause uncontrolled floor heating as it attempts to recirc via the Navcirc valve.

During my installation attempt, I noticed that the recirculation valve was set to internal, but all toggle switches are set to off. Should this recirculation valve be moved to external circulation to assist the floor heating loop?

Should any of the toggles be selected on, or would that cause uncontrolled floor heating?

I am now more confused than ever. lol

One further question. When I attempt to enter the parameter settings for #17 (enable thermal bypass valve) all I get is dashes, which is described as a settings error. I am not able to figure out what the error is. Any suggestions? The manual is anything but useful.
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