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    I just installed a Soiree last weekend in my house. It took longer than I expected, due to installing the Unifit adaptor and moving the water line.

    To move the water line, and keep the line as close to the wall as possible, I initially thought about using a compression 90, but realized I wouldn't be able to get a wrench on the nut without opening up the wall. I thought about sweating a 90, but again the joint would be partially inside the wall and I was reluctant to do that. Fortunately, the "big box" store had Sharkbite fittings - so used a Sharkbite 90 and carefully cut the 1/2 inch copper supply so that the fitting was partially inside the wall (hope I don't have to get that fitting off some day!).

    The one problem with Sharkbites is that the resulting joint is not "solid" - it can still twist - so my little extended supply line is free to rotate on the wall. I was going to try to use a copper pipe bracket to secure to the wall but the line is too far away from the wall. My current plan is to replace the flexible toilet supply with a rigid chrome supply, which will also serve to hold the copper supply parallel to the floor and look nice. (i.e., the rigid supply line to the toilet will actually hold the 4 inch extension line up.)

    The Unifit adaptor is pretty neat - it does put the toilet pretty close to the wall so if your water supply is too close to the closet flange it will have to be moved.

    I used a diamond drill to get through my ceramic tile. Worked well - only problem was trying to get it started in the right place without skittering off course. The instructions helped - if I held the bit at 45 degrees to the floor tile and let it grind itself in for a while at slow RPM, I could then gradually raise the drill to 90 degrees.

    About the toilet itself - looks great, great bowl wash (no streaking thus far), flushes very quickly and quietly. I did get Sanagloss. I also really like the ADA height.

    One other thing I realized about using the Unifit - if I ever want to pull the toilet (to repaint behind it, etc.), it will be a 5 minute job and I won't have to mess with a wax ring! Same if I ever want to replace this toilet with another Toto which uses the Unifit - once you get the adaptor installed, you're in like Flynn.

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