Mineral Deposits

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    I have a minor leak in one of the joints of a CPVC fitting. The leak is about 6 feet after the pipe leaves my hot water boiler. It appears to have been leaking for a long time. There is a large mineral deposit running down the length of the pipe. The pipe (tubing) close to the boiler is copper. The mineral deposit tastes like table salt (I figured if it's already in my water supply so tasting it couldn't do much more dammage) I had my water tested and everything is fine, with the exception of the acidity. The soda ash is metered to a point where my PH is consistently between 7.0 and 7.5

    The questions are: Is the salt being caused by the soda ash I mix into the water supply (It's a well)? Should I put something on the copper pipe after I fix the leak and clean off the deposits to neutralize the salt and prevent corosion?
  2. Gary Slusser

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    That could be caused by soda ash but more likely it's from the TDS, hardness, sulfates, sodium and/or chloride content of the water. Chloride could make it taste like salt, maybe not.
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