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    On Saturday I went with my friend Songlin, to the Asian Spring Festival in Redmond. There were about three thousand attending, lot's of families and friends, and Microsoft was there sponsoring too. Steve Balmer came down the the aisle greeting everyone, and then gave an encouraging talk to the crowd, with a bit of sales pitch thrown in about their new search engine Bing. I had never been at the Overlake Christian Church in Redmond before; it was huge. Much bigger than I had expected it to be.
    Most of those there were Chinese, including my friend Songlin. Steve Balmer mentioned that 20% of the world wide computers will be in China. Microsoft has a large contingent or workers from China, and has big plans for exporting software to China. We heard from many speakers, and many performers. For me, it was very interesting, and I was glad to be invited.


    Songlin and I beforehand at Anthony's in Kirkland seeing the last of the sun go down before heading out to the Spring Festival.


    Seattle Chinese Orchestra


    Taken from the large monitors above the stage.


    Singing a song about Microsoft search engine bing.

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