megaflo mystery!

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    Feb 24, 2005
    megaflo mystery

    My elderly mother had a megaflo system (mains pressure hot water system) installed about 18 months ago, but it never seems to have functioned properly. There are two problems, firstly it doesn't provide very much hot water. It is on timer for 7 hours every night, but a four minute shower and running the hot tap for a couple of minutes is enough to run out of hot water. This seems ludicrous given the large size of the tank!!!??

    Secondly, if the hot water runs out my mother often puts the immersion heater on by flicking a switch. However, if this is done when the timer is 'on', a fuse trips out. Then the fuse has to be reset and also the timer, which is beyond her ability. The immersion works just fine providing the timer is not on at the same time.

    An engineer was called a couple of months after installation, but could find no problem causing a lack of hot water, and suggested re-wiring might be needed to overcome the 'blowing fuse' problem. A plumber from another company came recently, but seemed to know even less about the system than me! He couldn't find any fault.

    The guarantee has now expired, and the company don't really want to know. Anyone any ideas on what the likely fault(s) might be before I call another plumber/engineer??

    Yours gratefully

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