Low water pressure

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    Jan 9, 2005
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    Water pressure is extremely low, especially if some else is using it. Have a 40psi Square -D pressure switch that has been adjusted to deliver between 50-60psi to house. Pressure gauge constasntly shows 50-60psi, but from prior experience it does not seem to be 50-60psi. Well system is a two pump system, drawing up from a 4" well using submerged pump, going into an aerator, which also has a submerged pump. Line to house is 1", running 80' from well to house, then reduced to 3/4" to distribution panel in garage, about 60' from entry to house. Local water experts only know how to replace parts, and do not diagnose what the problem is. Would appreciate your expertise in diagnosing the problem.
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    Sep 5, 2004

    First of all, replace the pressure gauge, it is obviously not working.
    I don't really understand how this 2 pump system works---how exactly does the power get to the individual pumps, which pump does the switch control? Who adjusted the switch? Did they make sure that the pump was capable of the increased pressure? What is the kick on and kick off differential? Did the gauge work when the "adjustment" was made? Was the air in the pressure tank adjusted? Have you actually checked the pressure? There is a difference between pressure problems and volume problems. Are there any kinds of filters on the system? Explain the distribution panel ??? in the garage.
    That's all I can think of now.
    Ther Pipewench
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    The aerator's pump also has a pressure tank, guage and switch. What pressures (range) does it show? This is the pump that is providing the house with water/pressure. IMO a submersible pump should not be set wit honly a 10 psi differential; your 50/60 setting. It requires too many pump starts and wears out pump motors while increasing your electric bill.

    You could have something sucked up against the pump's inlet (in the aeartor tank) but more likely is a water filter after the aerator being plugged up.

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