1. devans175

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    Sep 18, 2006
    I had my well water tested. Everything was fine, including hardness, but the pH was low (5.4). Up until a few weeks ago I had a soda ash solution feeder that corrected the problem very well. Unfortunatly, the solution feeder went up and I'm trying to decide if I should replace it in kind or try a different system. I really don't like the hastle of refilling the solution tank.

    I posted this same question on here a few years ago and got some good advice. At the time, I couldn't justify the cost since the other system was working fine. I can't seem to find the response to that post, though.

    I really appreciate any help anyone can give me.
  2. jimtum

    jimtum AAW

    Aug 27, 2010
    Water Treatment Specialist
    Decatur Tx
    Just recently I put in one cu ft of corosex in a 1.5 cu ft tank and raised the ph +2 however it made the water go from soft to about 3 gpg hard. That is one way, you could also use calcite as well or mix the two though you will want to use a backwash filter because they will harden like concrete. This system is the least troublesome, you plug and play and do not need to do anything until the media no longer affects the water, then you simply replace it. Chlorine will also raise ph as well as disinfect the water if you feel you need to do that and to my knowledge will not raise the hardness. You can use the same chem feeder or use a canister that you put tablets in.
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