Looking for solutions to heal back pain..!!

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    Jan 31, 2019
    My son is crazy about driving. He used to make long trips in his car, and I would say he is a rash driver. Unfortunately, he got injured in car accident from Mississauga last month. He was coming home from his friend's apartment, and a two-wheeler came to the wrong way and hit on his vehicle. He got severely injured in his lower back upon the crash. By God's grace, he is getting back to his normal life. But he still has the back pain. It hurts him when he sleeps on his sides. He almost feels a burning sensation in his lower back. Now, he is using painkillers to sleep well. Doctors suggested him to take physiotherapy to heal the pain, but they are not guaranteeing a complete relief through this. Has anyone experienced this before? Will this treatment do any good? Please share your suggestions and opinions.
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