Looking for solution to 61" wide bathroom with 60" shower pan

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So, I am well into my 5'x8' bathroom renovation. My initial measurements had the width of my bathroom right at 60". So, I had planned on replacing my old cast iron tub with a 60"x32" shower pan and tiling the walls. I've already purchased all the materials, including the shower pan.

After tearing the bathroom down to the studs I found out that the walls were about 1" thick. There was narrow sheets of 1/2" drywall then 1/2" of plaster over that (my house was built in 1955). So, now I'm at 61 1/4" stud to stud, where I want my shower. I've already put up 1/2" green board in the rest of the bathroom and I just realized I may have an issue with the width of my shower pan. If I just install the cement board around the shower I'm still 1/2" short on both sides. So, I'm looking for some advice on how to deal with this, and making the best transition between the shower to drywall. The way I see it I have the following options:

1. Install another layer if green board in the entire bathroom. It's 5'x8', so I'll need about another 6 sheets. Then I can install 2 layers of concrete board. One will be flush behind the shower, so the second can be used to tile on and will meet the shower pan in the correct manner. I'm not thrilled about this because it'll be a bunch more work and material. Plus I'm loosing another inch of width in an already small bathroom.

2. Leave 1 layer of green board in the room, and install 2 layers of concrete board in the shower. Then I'll be 1/2" higher on either side, compared to the drywall. Is there a metal or tile threshold that I could install to make up the difference and still look good?

What are your thoughts on these options and is there any better method out there that I'm not considering?


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FIrst off, I wouldn't use Cbu on the walls in the shower...I much prefer a surface applied sheet membrane or a tileable panel (something like Kerdiboard or WediBoard).

Generally the greenboard you're using outside of the shower serves no good purpose other than to drain your wallet. A regular drywall with a good quality paint on top is more than sufficient.

It sounds like you're planning a manufactured pan. If you wanted to tile the whole shower, making that part out of deck mud is sort of like playing with wet beach sand. You could make that any size you wanted, so the 1/2" or so on either end would no longer be any issue.

There are a few tile choices that include mud cap tiles, but your selection will be sparse. That would normally allow you to cover that edge. You could also consider something like a quarter-round tile or maybe even do it in wood if it's going to be painted. People normally run the tile out past the curtain or door, so that area should not be wet.

For constructing your shower, I suggest www.johnbridge.com where the whole site is devoted to tiling things, with lots of pros and lots of shower construction.
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