Looking for good quality fiberglass/acrylic shower base and sliding doors

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    Nov 2, 2010
    chicago, IL

    I've been searching the Internet for the last several days trying to find reviews on neo-round shower bases. We are specifically looking at a 36x36 shower, but in general we are looking for a tried and proven brand without going into customization work. I seen Vigo and Maax carry a neo-round, but I couldn't find hardly any reviews, except problems with the sliding mechanism on the door on one of the brands. My main concern is a leaking/cracking base.

    We were considering a neo-round because a few manufacturers make frameless surrounds with doors that slide along the shower walls instead of outward. Our space is small so this would be a better design.

    However, if all the neo round are not good quality or the sliding doors are problematic then we would go with the neo angle option. Again, any feedback on quality bases would be appreciated. I think one advantage of the neo angle is it would be easier to replace the door/frame if there was ever a problem.

    Our schedule is tight so we would like to finalize with the contractor this week. He is also looking, but I prefer an outside opinion.

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