Little old lady needs well/pump/tank advice

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    Jun 27, 2013
    I recently bought an older house. I don't know how deep the well is but it has a jet pump and the well head is below grade. I want to replace the pump, with a submersible, and tank and raise the well head. In addition, a contractor doing some work for me moved the water line because it was in the way of the new front steps. In the process, he spliced the line and dug a new trench for it. I think I should replace the water line, too - I don't know how good his splice is and worry about bacteria, dirt and leaks. (He disagrees.) I have gotten proposals for the well/pump and tank work, but they are not all comparable. I'd like some help sorting this out and finding out what specifics I should be asking for before I go ahead.

    My first question iS: variable speed/constant pressure pump or not. I love the idea of no more fighting for water when someone else uses a faucet, but I have read some not so enticing things about the constant pressure pumps (plus the price is not enticing, either). I have gotten proposals for both Gould and Grundfos pumps with small tanks. These are from well companies. I also have a quote for a standard Gould pump with a standard tank. The plumber who works for my contractor is proposing a Myers pump with a standard Amtrol 203 tank OR a Myers 2ST52 pump and Amtrol Well-X1-250. He said the X1-250 will give me constant pressure without the "headache" and cost of a variable speed pump. is this true? Is this a good tank? Are these things a plumber can do or do I need a well company? The plumber's price is about $1000 better than the others. I don't know how long these things should last but I really don't want to have to replace the pump in my lifetime - leave that to my kids to do. Thanks for any advice.
  2. lsb

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    Jun 27, 2013
    Really hoping someone could help me out

    Starting from scratch and my only well experience is almost as old as I am. I got several proposals for different things in the $5,000-$6,000 range. I want to get the best system I can afford and don't want to get taken. Looking for steady, comfortable pressure but doesn't have to be exactly 60lbs on the mark. I can tolerate some variation, within limits. Most of the time it is just me in the house, so my biggest concern is when children and grandchildren and friends visit and everyone is using water all at once. That won't be too often but the demand will be pretty great at those times. What's the best solution? Well as been estimated to be about 100-150 feet deep. Lots of room in the basement for a tank of any size. Thanks.
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    The Well X1 is not constant pressure. It just cycles the pump twice as much using 10 PSI between on and off instead of the normal 20 PSI. This is why they use twice the size of tank to help limit the on/off cycle like a smaller tank with 20 PSI between on and off. Amtrol is a tank manufacturer, and this way they get to sell you twice as large a tank as normal.

    I have an electronic pressure switch like the one on the Well X1, that will do the 10 PSI bandwidth. I quit selling them because they are nowhere near as long lasting and dependable as a regular 15 dollar mechanical pressure switch. I am trying to sell them off for 50 bucks a piece if you want one. Then all you need is a 44 gallon tank like the WX250.

    The variable speed pumps are made to get into your pocket book as you can tell by the price. They will deliver fairly constant pressure, but at the price of a short life and much extra cost, now and in the near future. Buyer beware.

    All you really need is a 4.5 gallon size pressure tank and a CSV1A Cycle Stop Valve. The CSV is a simple, mechanical, long lasting, constant pressure valve. It works with a standard, long lasting, inexpensive pump, using a dependable 15 dollar pressure switch and a small 4.5 gallon tank. You can buy the Pside-Kick kit that has everything you need for $399 several places on the Internet. You could also get one of these from your pump man or plumber if they were trying to do you right. But they make so little money on the CSV system, now and in the future, that many will do whatever they can to talk you out of it.

    See these links;
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