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    Feb 13, 2020
    Another thread about lights flickering... I’ve read all of the others, but none of the answers solved my problem.

    When we bought the house the lights were flickering on one circuit. The inspector thought it might just be the bulbs. Since then I have replaced everything except the wires. Replaced lights with all new hardware and lights (LED), all new outlets, all new switches, new circuit breaker. Tightened everything twice. The only thing I didn’t do was rip out the wires and replace them.

    With nothing else plugged in on the circuit and only two of the LED lights on the lights will flicker, usually just a tiny amount with an occasional boost or dip. If I plug in a fan they will dim a small amount when it’s on the lowest setting and more as I speed it up. A hair dryer will cut their brightness in half instantly. It doesn’t happen on any other circuit. The lights work fine on other circuits.

    Is my only option replacing the wiring? I assume between the panel and the first outlet?

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    There may be another junction box somewhere hidden. At the breaker panel the wire for this circuit swap it with another wire on another circuit. Just swap wires, not the breaker. If it continues you know it is wiring. Check the neutral wire at the ground bar inside the breaker panel.

    A recent post someone upgraded the breaker panel and added arc fault/ ground fault breakers. One circuit was tripping an arc fault. After several weeks he found a wire, it was chewed up by a varmint (inside the home).

    I just noticed you did change the breaker.
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