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  1. pgreganmusic

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    May 26, 2008
    I have a walk-in shower, separate from my bath, which is caulked at the seams. There are some pretty deep voids in those seams and invariably everytime I re-caulk, I miss some tiny area which results in water seeping under the shower into the floor and wall area. I then have to go back, find the leak, and do a secondary reinforcing caulk job to seal the area. I use GE Silicone II for Kitchen and Bath.

    I'm considering installed a new floor in my bathroom but am concerned with having this issue each time I re-caulk. Are there any products that can be applied in lieu of, or under the caulk that can do a better job of sealing the seams so I don't have to deal with water seapage each time I put down a caulk line?

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    Is this a fiberglass or composite panel framed shower? It sounds like the whole thing was not installed well. There should not be big gaps between the seams. This can be caused by walls that aren't plumb and square, or sloppy installation, or both. You might want to consider taking the panels off, shim the walls so they fit right, then reinstall, or tear it out and put in something else. Maybe it's time for a nice custom tiled shower. Check out www.johnbridge.com for some ideas and help.

    You may never get this satisfactorily sealed. But, if the hole is deep, buy some foam backer rods to stuff in there, then caulk. The rods come in various diameters. The caulk works better filling in if it isn't really deep.
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  4. pgreganmusic

    pgreganmusic New Member

    May 26, 2008
    Thanks for your input. I suspect the whole thing is not installed well as it doesn't make sense that I should have to be putting down a mountain of caulk each time I re-seal it.
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