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    Mar 24, 2007
    I discovered there is a leak in the supply line to the shower head. I have been able to determine that it is not occuring at the valve and does not appear to be occuring where the shower arm inserts into the elbow. This leads me to think there is either a pin hole leak in the vertical supply or the soldered joint between the supply line and the elbow has failed.

    Unfortunately, opening up the wall on the other side would require removal of the kitchen cabinets. I'm thinking as an alternative I will cap the supply line to the shower and use one of these with a handheld shower.


    My plan is:

    1. I will remove the 45 fitting that is going into the valve body and then replace this with a straight piece of copper with a cap? Space is obviously tight and I'm wondering whether I will be able to sufficiently clean the valve body such that the solder will take. The shower head I have seems to produce alot of back pressure so I'm thinking if I don't cap this water will rise to the leak when the diverter on the spout is pulled up.

    2. When soldering I assume I should remove the cartridge to avoid damage. I think it is a Moen

    I included a pic.

    Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, ALex
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